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The Pirate's Realm

Believe It or Not....Our expert researchers here in the Pirate's Realm have recently discovered documents confirming the origins of pirates mini golf.

Henry Every, pirate mini golf, pirates miniature golf hook

The caption on this postcard reads,"Henry Every surveys the windmill hole at Madagascar Mini Golf."(discovered in old captain's trunk - St. Mary's, Madagascar)

Blackbeard mini golf hook

This snapshot has written on the back: "Blackbeard attends grand opening of Caribbean Carpet Golf - May 5th, 1714." (on loan from anonymous resident of Nassau, Bahamas)

Stede-Bonet-plans hook

A sketch found in one of Stede Bonnet's favorite books reveals his apparent retirement plans to turn the old sugar plantation into a 36-hole mini golf course complete with full-scale pirate ship.

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